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Worthington: Trials Of My Patience

Worthington the pacifist Buddhist of Arroyo has been chosen by the tribal elder to undergo a quest to save the village crops from drought. This requires him to search every inch of the western wastelands to find the magical briefcase GECK that will turn harsh dry rock into fresh fertile plains of green and thus save the village. Frankly it doesn’t matter, this is Worthington’s time to shine! Finally he can prove that violence isn’t always the answer, that peace and love can conquer anything in this post-apocalyptic present. He’ll transform this hectic wasteland into a true utopia or reach nirvana trying, but first he’s got to pass the temple of trials. Can’t be that hard, can it?

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Worthington: Ghandi Of The Wasteland

I really enjoyed writing A Frank Mission, it was easy to write and I had fun doing it. Unlike other articles I write I didn’t spend ages musing over what to write and how to write it, everything just flowed nicely. Plus I got to play games and help update my blog at the same time. Since then I’ve wanted to write a game diary as a series and have been deliberating with myself on what to game to do it on, and after much back and forth with myself (he would never agree with me) a decision has been reached. I shall chronicle a long epic of adventures in Fallout 2. What’s that you say? Why would that be interesting? Well what if I was to say that during my play through I wouldn’t be allowed to kill, at all. Like nothing, not even a fly. Yeah, that’s right I’m roleplaying Ghandi, meditate on that bitches.

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FEAR 2 Demo (Idle)Hands On

February is quickly approaching and with it the release of Monolith’s favourite linear spooky slo-mo on-the-rails shooter, F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin. Yes it’s time to encounter some more ghostly apparitions with a shotgun to the face. Since I could recall fond memories of the original, I decided to get my, lately very, idle hands on the newly released demo on Steam.

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Joys of the Tax man

The worst thing about working freelance is the constant attention you get from HM Revenue & Customs, i.e. the tax man, i.e. bane of everyones existence. Just over the last few days I’ve received 4 letters from them, I dread opening just one of their letters and now I get that experience quadrupled, joy. The first wasn’t a big deal just a request for national insurance payments, they come every now and again and only are around £30, so no great pain in my arse just yet. The next one was heavy with contents, which is never a good thing when they send you that much in one envelope, and of course it didn’t disappoint to create and aching anus pain and crush my spirit harder than a Yorkshire terrier being humped by a sex starved hippo given a dose of adrenaline and Viagra.

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Diary of an underrated man

Phew, after that long piece I’m all worded out I is. So I’m going to be incredibly lazy and post up some select pieces of someone else’s blog I’ve been reading of late, although his updates are far and few between lately (the last post was back in Oct of 2007). On the outlook he appears to be a boring physics teacher, which isn’t far from the truth, but don’t be fooled by his simple appearance he has led a full and fascinating life and this blog is a keen insight into his world. I’ll post some of his early stuff, which in my opinion is some of his best. So without further ado I give you Dr. Kleiner!

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