Worthington: Ghandi Of The Wasteland

I really enjoyed writing A Frank Mission, it was easy to write and I had fun doing it. Unlike other articles I write I didn’t spend ages musing over what to write and how to write it, everything just flowed nicely. Plus I got to play games and help update my blog at the same time. Since then I’ve wanted to write a game diary as a series and have been deliberating with myself on what to game to do it on, and after much back and forth with myself (he would never agree with me) a decision has been reached. I shall chronicle a long epic of adventures in Fallout 2. What’s that you say? Why would that be interesting? Well what if I was to say that during my play through I wouldn’t be allowed to kill, at all. Like nothing, not even a fly. Yeah, that’s right I’m roleplaying Ghandi, meditate on that bitches.

Why? Just Why?

I’ve always heard people say that one of the great thing about the original Fallout games was that they could be completed without having to kill anything. I never really believed this, sure it gave you more opportunities to solve things peacefully but playing the entire game without killing must be impossible, surely. Well I’m going to see if this is true or pile of brahmin excrement.

This is going to be a very tall order for me to complete, for many reasons. Apart from the obvious ones is the fact I have always resorted to violence in any RPG, in my defence I have two valid reasons; one it’s easier, and two it’s just plain fun (yes I always took the ‘Bloody Mess‘ perk). I’ve never roleplayed a character of peace, well not for very long anyway, so quelling my natural instincts to ‘bash their heads in’ is going to be my first, and very likely constant challenge. The other obstacle is, and don’t judge me, I’ve never actually completed Fallout 2. I said don’t judge! I love the Fallout games (no not Tactics), it’s by far one of my favourite games, but everytime I try to complete it my mind wanders and I forget all about it. I’ve gotten very far into the game but after a certain point I’m going to be flying blind.

So I’m a violent player that hasn’t even completed the game once, and I’m going to try and do it now without killing anything. This is going to go great.

Ground Rules

Right I just want to quickly lay down what I can and can’t do;

  • I can reload from saves (as I will be dying, a lot)
  • I’m not allowed any followers (unless I run into a pacifist Buddhist monk)
  • I can’t steal (I can loot already dead bodies, but no stealing from still alive folks)
  • I can’t take on morally apprehensible quests (i.e. knowingly help a bad guy)

Hm I think that’s it, oh wait I thought of one last rule

  • No killing, ever, for whatever reason.
  • Seriously no killing anything
  • No I mean it don’t even glare menacingly at a gnat
  • And don’t even think about playing ‘tip the brahmin’

I have a strange feeling that last one’s going to be a bit difficult, and cause me endless pain. Now I introduce for your reading pleasure the pacifistic hero of our tale . . .


Worthington is a direct descendant of the idolised Vault Dweller, born and raised in Arroyo to do great things. Problem is that at the age of 16 Worthington found an old magazine of “Being Buddhist” including features like “I was once reborn a cracker, Actor Richard Gere reveals all”, “10 ways to achieve Nirvana”, “The essential diet to get a figure like Siddhartha”, and “Your favourite Enlightened Ones sexy pull out calender”. Since then he has devoted himself to Buddhism, higher enlightenment, and pacifism.


As you can see this has made Worthington as strong and durable as an asthma suffering fruit fly with a particularly bad cold. On the plus side he is very cunning and quite the charmer, so should be able to talk his way out of anything. He is also blessed by the Buddha giving him superb luck, which is handy since he’s going to need as much as he can get. He’s also quite agile, from all his practice of running away from anything slightly threatening. Although due to his fondness of hiding in dark places, and the fact Trog poked him in the eye when he was 10, his eyesight is terrible.

I’ve TAG’d Sneak, Speech, and Outdoorsman, this is my holy trinity that shall hopefully keep me very much alive. I’ve gone for the Good Natured perk, for obvious reasons, and Jinxed; “The good thing is that everyone around you has more critical failures in combat, the bad thing is so do you!”. Well that’s fine with me since I’m not planning on doing any fighting.

Well now you know the rules of the game and been introduced to the hero. Worthinton will return for his first adventure; Worthington and the trials of my patience.

So until then stay peaceful wasteland wanderers.


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