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Worthington: Road To Klamath

A quick note about the temple of trials Worthington just completed. The trials are used as a tutorial to ease players into the gameplay, while providing enough experience to advance a level. In short an brief and easy introduction to the game, nothing to write home about. Worthington meanwhile was thwarted at every turn, frustrated to the point of pure rage, reborn countless times, fooled by simple traps, and outsmarted by killer giant radioactive ants. He also failed to gain a new level. This does not bode well as our hero Worthington now starts the real quest.

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Worthington: Trials Of My Patience

Worthington the pacifist Buddhist of Arroyo has been chosen by the tribal elder to undergo a quest to save the village crops from drought. This requires him to search every inch of the western wastelands to find the magical briefcase GECK that will turn harsh dry rock into fresh fertile plains of green and thus save the village. Frankly it doesn’t matter, this is Worthington’s time to shine! Finally he can prove that violence isn’t always the answer, that peace and love can conquer anything in this post-apocalyptic present. He’ll transform this hectic wasteland into a true utopia or reach nirvana trying, but first he’s got to pass the temple of trials. Can’t be that hard, can it?

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Worthington: Ghandi Of The Wasteland

I really enjoyed writing A Frank Mission, it was easy to write and I had fun doing it. Unlike other articles I write I didn’t spend ages musing over what to write and how to write it, everything just flowed nicely. Plus I got to play games and help update my blog at the same time. Since then I’ve wanted to write a game diary as a series and have been deliberating with myself on what to game to do it on, and after much back and forth with myself (he would never agree with me) a decision has been reached. I shall chronicle a long epic of adventures in Fallout 2. What’s that you say? Why would that be interesting? Well what if I was to say that during my play through I wouldn’t be allowed to kill, at all. Like nothing, not even a fly. Yeah, that’s right I’m roleplaying Ghandi, meditate on that bitches.

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